About Us

I'm Melissa, blessed to be the mother of William (and a pup named Lola) and wife to Jason.  We live in suburban Illinois, 15 miles east of the wonderful city of St. Louis, but when I go out of town, I just tell people I'm from St. Louis.

A high school English teacher by trade, I know most of the rules of American Standard English and believe that some of them were meant to be broken. I have an affinity for pizza (in all forms), fruit roll-ups, the ellipsis, parenthetical additions, and my family. 

After becoming pregnant with Will, my husband and I decided that I would take a year off from teaching to raise our boy. Also, That's It has been in my thoughts for years, and with my "time off" has finally become a reality. 

Also, I'm known for the occasional addendum. 

Thanks for visiting!  Contact me at alsomelted@gmail.com.

Joshua 1:9
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