Embrace the Camera

My favorite pictures from this week's challenge are these ones that Jason took of us on Monday.  I told him I just wanted some pictures of us doing what we normally do, not posed or even looking at the camera, so we sat down, picked up a book, and started reading. Then, Lola found her spot, and we found a funny page. For most of the day, my boy is filled with an endless amount of giggles and squeals and the need to be chased, but whenever we cozy up in our chair, I'm able to sneak in a snuggle, just barely resting my chin on the side of his head. I know I'll always be happy to have these pictures.

I wanted to post more from the rest of the week, but I broke the internet on Friday and now that Jason has fixed it, I can't seem to get any more pictures to upload to Blogger, so this is what you get, my favorites. That's it... until I try again tomorrow.

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