Remembering Seven (and a half)

Yesterday, my sister-in-law Jen came over with my sweet, sweet one-month-old niece, Mia to visit. I was showing Jen Will's latest trick, and we were chatting about babies, and she inquired when, approximatley, he started sitting up. I thought about it for a few seconds, but I just couldn't remember, so I guessed as best I could and decided not to beat myself up about it. Instead, I thought that today, I would just try to remember today. So here are seven (and a half) things I want to remember about Will at seven and a half months.

1. You take an average of two and a half naps a day. (I'm desperately clinging to the third nap.)

2. You seem to like your food served cold.

3. You think Lola is Hilarious with a capital H. Both of you love it when she licks your hands, much to your Papa's chagrin.

4. You love to read and turn pages of books. Our favorite book right now is Little Blue Truck

5. Whenever it is just the three of us, you like to play a game with your Papa and me where you reach for whoever is not holding you so that you just get passed back and forth and back and forth.

6. You're a bit shy with strangers, but I can get you to smile for anyone by blowing on your neck.

7. Besides socks and shoes, your favorite things to play with are anything besides your toys. Ribbon spools, empty boxes, shoe laces, but your favorite thing to get your hands on are Lola's toys. 

Also, a half.  I miss you (I can actually feel my heart aching.) when you go to sleep or even when I leave to go shopping on my own while your Papa is watching you. You are my love. 

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