A Belated Birthday Post

Almost an entire month ago, we celebrated Will's birthday with family and friends, so this post is just a bit belated, but I was really happy with how all of my decorations for our "William's Birthday" themed birthday party turned out and wanted to share them with you just in case you also want to go with a "meta" theme for your next shindig. I mean, how awesome would this be for someone who was much older with pictures from throughout their life?

I'm pretty sure I got this idea after scrolling through "first birthday decoration" ideas on Pinterest, but it could have also come from a blog. Who knows? (Seriously, does anyone know the original source? I'd love to give credit where credit is due.) In order to make the banners and skewers and thank you bags, I basically went through my phone and found as many cute pictures of William's head as I could, changed the filter to black and white, and emailed them to myself from my phone so that I could copy and paste them into Word, crop, and enlarge them. I printed them on white card stock, cut them out, and hot glued the party hats (made out of scrapbooking paper and pom poms) to the card stock and then hot glued the heads to the twine (from the dollar section at Target) for the banners, skewers for the food, and thank you bags to place all around the house. 

For some extra pizazz, I used more banners and party hats (that I also hot glued pom poms onto for some extra flair) in primary colors to finish up the decor. Jason suggested that we save all the decorations and just add some more William heads for next year, so I've packed everything in a diaper box. I might add a number one to the hats on the heads from this past year and a number two to the hats for next year. We'll see if almost two-year-old William demands a specific theme next year.

Also, shortly after realizing that he didn't really care about his cupcake, William realized that there was a hat on his head and therefore, smelled like icing for the rest of day.

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