New Kicks Mean...

...I'm at 158. I've lost ten pounds since January, not quite as much as I wanted to lose by this point, but like my mom always says, better than a stick in the eye. With birthdays and life and so many other excuses, I slowly started giving up my healthy habits for the last month or so and have been hovering all around 158 the entire time, but with the warmer weather, our pool opening in less than a month, and a beach vacation in less than two months, I have once again found the motivation to say yes to working out every day and eating (and drinking!) healthy.

Also, Jason and I are doing a plank and push-up challenge every night. I tried to do it on my own, but I am pretty horrible at motivating myself, so I asked Jason if he would do it with me. (Basically, I have made him responsible for making me do it.) So far, we are doing great! We aren't following any fancy challenge chart from Pinterest or anything; instead, every night before we get into bed, we plank for a certain amount of time and do push-ups for a certain amount of time. We started with one minute and add 15 seconds each Saturday. We're on our second week, so we are just at 1:15, and let me tell you, those additional 15 seconds are killer, but I do it! As far as push-ups go, I started out only being able to do four real push-ups (20 total), and have worked up to seven real push-ups (25 total)! My goal is to match Jason first week, 55 real push-ups (in one minute). Any bets on how long that will take me?

Are you doing anything to get your body pool/beach/warm weather ready? I'd love to hear it.

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