Twenty-Three Hours

As I mentioned here, I went away this weekend for a full 23 hours. When I was getting ready for my time away, I was excited and wishing that I could do more for longer, but alas, I only had less than a day.  

So how does one vacation for 23 hours?  Thank you for asking. I will tell you my tricks. 
1. Vacation close to home. 2. Make it the Best Ever.

For my posse, that means St. Louis.  If you want to recreate our 23 hours, see below...

First, take the requisite "I'm on vacation in St. Louis photo." This is very important for setting the mood and will help you feel like you aren't just crossing the Poplar to go to dinner or shopping or a doctor's appointment. So do it.

Then, check in to the best hotel in the city (...with a spa and a movie theater... just in case you have more than 23 hours and can partake of those wonderful amenities. This movie looks great, but I will have to wait for it to come out on Netflix.)

Then, hightail it over to the best restaurant ever.  Order at least two bottles of wine and oysters and the best chicken ever.  Who knew chicken could be so amazing, but it was!

Realize that because of all the hightailing and the fact that you did it in heels, you now need a bandaid and elicit not only a Disney princess bandaid from your sister-in-law/best sister-in-law ever but also moleskin from your sister/best sister ever!

Then, head off to the many bars/night life available in the Central West End and possibly crash a wedding at the Chase before crashing in your room in a fuzzy bathrobe in your comfy king size bed at the Chase. (No pics of this portion of the night are available.)

Wake up to coffee purchased and delivered on a silver platter (I wish I had taken photo evidence of this because I am not making it up.) by your mom/best mom ever, church at SLU, brunch at Wildflower (YAY mimosas and smoked salmon!) and a little bit of outlet shopping (get this, this, and some of these) before heading home to the baby that you miss more than a gourmet dinner, nightlife, a full night of sleep, mimosas, smoked salmon, and shopping.

That's it!

Also, because it's only 23 hours, I can't emphasize enough that you need to go with the people, best hotel, best restaurants. If you are going to do it, you might as well do it right. I am available to be one of your "bests" if you need me. Just know that at about hour 20, I will start making sad faces and talking about my baby.

Chase Park Plaza Photo Credit: Caroline Patek

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