One of Will's favorite things to do right now is walk around and touch all the different plants that are growing and blooming and changing every day all around our house. I think his favorite is the Japanese Maple that is right outside our side door with it's soft, almost furry leaves. He giggles every time he swipes his hands through the branches and even leans in so that he can feel the fine filigree with his face. (Just once, he tried to show the neighboring Holly bush the same love but quickly learned his lesson.)

My favorite right now are the lilac bushes blooming along one of our retaining walls. I can see them from Will's room and from the breakfast nook, two places in which I spend a lot of time each day. I even cut some over the weekend to brighten up the inside of our house. (You might have seen on Instagram.)

I don't think I realize it until things aren't going so great, but so much of my mental health is tied up in Will's behavior... and he has been especially volatile lately. But when we're outside, we're both happy, which is why even today, when it didn't get out of the fifties, we spent most of the afternoon and evening out walking through a few different neighborhoods, pushing around the cozy coupe, and feeling up a few trees and bushes. Our cheeks might have been cold when we finally turned in for dinner, but they were also rosy from running and giggling. I'll take that any day over being warm and whiny. 

Also, ever since she escaped into the woods a few weeks ago, I had been making Lola wear a bright blue bandanna, but someone felt that she needed a girlier color, so we picked her up a nice lilac one this morning. I took this picture to send to Jason right after I tied the bandanna around her neck. Will turning on the fireplace blower in the background and Lola's face pretty much sum up our time spent inside the house lately.

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