Estimated Date of Delivery

Will's original due date or estimated date of delivery (which is what medical professionals really call it but I've always thought sounded more like retail terminology/very similar to the subject line in emails I get from Amazon and the Gap) was March 26th, one day before my birthday... and two days before Jason's mom's birthday and on Jason's brother's birthday. (Happy Birthday, Josh!) A year ago yesterday was supposed to be my last day of work, but there was a late March snow day on the 25th, and I remember my maternity sub asking if I wanted to come in the next day. Umm, no. I wanted to have a baby that day. March 26th was a Tuesday, and Will decided not to come on that day or the next day or the next. I'm not sure if he ever would have decided the time was right on his own, but he did finally show up a week later.

Last night, after his bath, while we were rubbing Will down with lotion and putting his pajamas on, Jason and I both spontaneously started telling Will the story of his birth. "You didn't want to come out, so we waited and waited until finally they had to give Mama some medicine to make you come out." "And even then, you still didn't want to come out, so you wrapped yourself up in the cord, once around your neck and again around your body." (Will started to whine at that memory.) "But then you finally came, and you were such a mister."

Happy EDD Will! You can always take your time. We'll be waiting.

Also, even though Will worked really hard to distance himself as much as possible from all the end of March family birthdays, we are still having his party this weekend. I've been busy with my hot glue gun getting the decorations ready. For the longest time, I couldn't decide on a theme until I realized that the theme could just be "Will" and "party," which worked perfectly with the simple invitations I had sent out months before. The more sparkly pompoms I hot glue to the tops of party hats the more excited I'm getting. 

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