Summer Reading

There is something about this time of year. I always thought it was because I was just getting out of school (first as a student and then as a teacher) and had more free time, but this year school began and ended without me, and that last week in May, I still felt the call deep inside to read. Voraciously. Apparently, Will has been feeling the same way. He just can't get enough reading time. Besides bedtime and nap time, he has started reading in the car, and I often find him reading a book after he wakes up from a nap.

He has just started putting himself down for his afternoon nap and for the night. (Basically because he just stopped falling asleep in our arms.) After the first couple of times that he rolled around in his crib, putting himself to sleep, I started finding one, two, or even three books in his crib with him. We have a little ottoman where we keep his favorite books right between his crib and the rocker (You can see the set up in this post.) from which he has been lifting the books. This morning, I watched him on the monitor get one book, look at it, put it back and get another one. We (meaning Jason) already built some of these front-facing bookshelves for Will's room, but now, I'm thinking of adding one by his bed just like the family from the post did for each of their crib.
I've been enjoying downloading all of my books for free from the library. Have you tried that yet? You do have to actually go to the library to get (or renew, in my case) a library card, but after that you can do everything on your iPad (or preferred e-reader). My library allows me to download books through two different apps, Overdrive and 3M. I use both because I like the look and feel of Overdrive better, but 3M seems to have more titles available. One night while we were watching a particularly violent episode of Game of Thrones and I needed something to distract myself, I went through and looked up every book I had heard about over the last few months and either downloaded them right away or put holds (a library term that means I'm in line for the book after everyone else in line reads it) on them. 

So far, I've read and LOVED: 

And you can see everything I have on hold (and the look of OverDrive on the left and 3M on the right) below. I can't wait for my holds to become available. In the meantime, I'd appreciate any recommendations!

Also, William in a tank top... I cannot get enough of those white upper arms.

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