Chalk it Up

Oh, outside. We have big plans for you. Chalk was just the beginning. I just ordered this water table and these push-up ice pop molds. We're planning on heading to the Botanical Gardens and the Goshen Farmer's Market and the Strawberry Festival. And just wait until the pool opens! We've been practicing our splashing all Winter long. We're going to have so much fun, so many memories, and really good naps for the next few months. I can just feel it. I mean, just look at that second picture. Does it not just make you smile from the inside out? (They were chalking very manly things like cars... and flowers.)

What are your fun plans, activities, or tips for enjoying outside this spring? We'd love to hear them!

Also, you might think that hopscotch wouldn't go over so well with a one-year-old, but Will loved hopping... while being held in our arms. 

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