Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Large Birds According to Our Neighbors (Also, some mostly unrelated ((and kind of old)) pictures of Will.)

On our walk this morning, we came upon our three neighbor children at the end of their driveway holding ice scrapers, the large kind with a brush on one end and the scraper on the other, and what I'm guessing were sawed-off broomsticks. They looked to be sweeping a puddle or poking something in the puddle when we approached and the following conversation happened:

Girl: Hello, neighbor!
Me: Hi!
Girl: Did you see that hawk over there? (I had seen that hawk; it was actually a large vulture/buzzard that had been feasting on a opossum for the last two days.) My brother told me that hawks can come pick you up and carry you away, so we're protecting ourselves with these. (My nieces were actually terrified to step outside our house because of a similar converstation they had with my dad.)
Me: That's smart. I've got my dog to protect us. (We all look at Lola, who wags her tail and licks her lips as if to say, "I've got this human to protect...can I kick you?")
Boy #1: Yeah, and we've got to protect our pond too...from the geese. (All three brandish their weapons.)
Me: (Having graduated from SIUE and having extensive knowledge of this) Yeah, geese are mean.
Boy #2: (brandishing) Yeah!
Boy #1: That hawk over there has been eating a opossum!
Girl: (simultaneously) One time, a goose stole my binky.
Boy #1: No, that was a swan. (Looking right at me.) When our cat died, a swan danced in the ashes.

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