A Real Page Turner

Will has gotten really good at turning the pages of his books.  He sits back and listens until I get ready to turn a page. Then, his arm shoots up, grabs the page I got started, slams it down on the other side, and goes back to his lap until the next page is ready. I've been reporting this to all who will listen as his new trick.

Tricks.  That's how I think of all the new things that Will can do. I guess they are more like skills that most humans learn to do eventually.  But whatever they are, I don't think it was me that started this line of thinking of them as tricks. I feel like whenever I see someone now, they ask if Will is doing anything new.  And I don't want to disappoint, so I try to make mundane things like him babbling (We're pretty sure he said Jabba as in Jabba the Hutt and Walla as in Walla Walla, Washington.) or pulling himself up from a sitting to standing position sound like amazing tricks. And now that's just how I think of everything that he does, and it's really exciting for me and Jason and Will's  grandparents, but probably not all the other people who are just trying to make polite conversation. And I try to be cognizant of that, but I really can't help myself on here, and so I present to you, William, the amazing Page Turner.

Also,  Will has always been a super smiley boy with a great giggle and squealy laugh, but over the weekend, he started cracking himself up.  Whenever he is playing by himself now, we will hear a giggle and look over to see him holding his sock or staring at a tiger or looking at Lola with a big grin on his face. William the Giggler has a nice ring to it too.

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