They Fit!

Remember those white skinny jeans that I hadn't been able to fit into since before I was pregnant? Well, today, on National Donut Day of all days, I decided to try them on, and as you have probably figured out by now, they fit! I'm glad I tried them on because I have been eating really well lately, but I often let myself cheat and then cheat a little more and then a little more until I am eating a lot of junk. These pants fitting were the motivation I needed not to join in celebrating National Donut Day.

As far as weight loss, I don't have much to report. I'm currently at 157 lbs, but as I said, I have just started eating really well again in preparation for our beach vacation in a few weeks. So for now, I'll take the jeans as progress and hope to see a little more (less?) on the scale soon. Also, I have been really happy with my results from our push-up challenge... at least in my shoulders and upper arms. I'm hoping if I keep going, the results will start to progress until I am ripped all the way to my elbows. I am up to ten real push-ups/30 total in one minute. The plank challenge, on the other hand, is brutal. I hate it, and if there are any results, they must be hidden way under there where I can't see them. Or maybe, my jeans fitting are the result? Yeah, I'm going to choose to believe that instead. It's much more positive.

Also, please excuse the awkward cell-phone selfies, but I wanted to show you proof... And I still need to teach Will how to use a camera.

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