Not Quite Meeting Goals

In the Spring of 2012, I had been on the hunt for a great pair of white skinny jeans for at least two years. Every new season, I would try on the new stock at every store and leave in disappointment. The culprit was the abundant cellulite (a genetic curse that I have come to terms with since I also got pretty great skin and hair from my chromosomes) on my thighs, which most white jeans not only showed but somehow amplified through a layer of denim.  So when I finally found a pair that fit perfectly and hid all my lumps and bumps (just because I have come to terms with my cellulite doesn't mean I'm okay with showing it off anywhere besides the pool or beach), I contemplated buying multiple pairs in all different sizes, but of course, I just bought one pair in my then current size, and now (and last summer right after having a baby) I am kicking myself because I just tried them on today, and they barely fit over my hips. But there is hope! Keep reading for my monthly update on my New Year's resolution.

Starting Weight: 168 (and four weeks ago)
Current Weight: 160.2

So... I know it looks like progress, but I have actually been hovering around 161 for the entire month. The day after I posted my last weight, I was down about a pound, and then the next day, I was down another pound, which means it took me a month to lose one pound. Or more accurately, I lost and gained and lost the same pound all month long. Although I have still been working out regularly, I have not been eating all that great on a consistent basis. I have lots of excuses like Valentine's Day and parties/get-togethers (I never thought we went to that many parties until I started having to get a babysitter every time we go to one.), but the truth is, it just has been a lot harder for me not to give into my cravings this month. And so, I did not meet my goal of losing one pound a week. I was actually surprised this morning when I looked at the scale and was so close to my goal. Secret Weight Loss Tip: Posting your weight on the internet has a way of motivating you to eat well... at least, the day before you plan to post your weight.

But during this past month, even though my weight didn't change all that much, something else did, my pant size! I'm happy to report that at one of the soirees this past weekend, I comfortably sported the skinny "skinny jeans" that just barely zipped at the beginning of the month.

So... I'm pretty motivated to fit back into those white jeans by the time it's again the appropriate time of year/temperature to wear white jeans. Starting Monday, after a special dinner at Dewey's tonight and an Oscar celebration on Sunday, I am once again going to track everything that I eat on the MyPlate App, and I am going to reach all my goals and rock those white skinny jeans (even though my mind is telling me that white jeans plus William is going to equal orangish-yellow spotted jeans).

Also, just in case you are wondering/interested, I have been loving T25 and plan to dedicate an entire post to my experience with the workouts very soon.

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