Vacation Lust...also, biking in Maui.

I always thought I was the beach lounging type of vacationer, but on our honeymoon in Maui, I realized I also like some adventure mixed in with cocktails and reading on the beach.  And I think I have found our next adventure!  Have you seen this article about the World's largest cave in Vietnam?

Doesn't it look amazing? I want to go!

I realize we probably won't be able to go on any big adventurous vacations for a while, but for now, I can relive my past adventures from last summer.

After five years away from the beautiful island, we went back to Maui because we were trying to get pregnant and knew that if we succeeded, adventurous vacations would be few and far between for a couple of years.  As soon as we decided to go, I knew that I wanted to see the sunrise from 10,023 feet at the top of Mt. Haleakala and bike down the mountain again...even though it meant basically staying up all night and all morning.  (Great practice for becoming a parent, right?)

On our first trip, we went on a guided tour down the mountain, but we chose unguided for our second trip. The tour company drives you and the equipment up to the top of the mountain and sets you up for the ride down with some safety precautions and tips about where to stop and eat.  Then, you are free to go. We loved being able to go at our own pace, and the intimacy of biking down just the two of us was something I'm glad we were able to experience.

We rode through lavender fields and a eucalyptus forest.  The smells alone are amazing, let alone the views of Maui and the ocean from the side of the mountain.

I thought I might be pregnant on the day we biked Haleakala, but I found out for sure the next morning with a home pregnancy test.  I'm not sure how comfortable I would feel taking my kids on a trip that had us coasting down the side of a mountain at top speeds, but I am looking forward to going on more adventures with and without kids eventually.  

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