What to Read: Banned Books Week

Last week, I was perusing the ALA's lists of banned and challenged books, and I wasn't surprised to find books that I have started and chosen not to complete due to explicit scenes as well as some of my all-time favorite books on the lists. 

This week, I celebrate the fact that, to a large extent, I live in a country where I get to choose what I read, what my child reads, and will get to teach him how to choose for himself.  In celebration, check out some of my favorite banned books below.

Favorite Banned/Challenged Children's Book:

Favorite Banned/Challenged Young Adult Book:

Favorite Banned/Challenged Memoir:  

Will and I are going to the library this week to pick up Strega Nona because it's never too early to learn about following directions...and magical crockery. 

Also, check out Jeanette Walls and me in 2010. She's not only an amazing writer but also a great speaker. I'm excited to hear her speak again in October at McKendree University!  The event is sold out, but let me know if you want to go. We might have some extra tickets.

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