For a while, Will would only sleep if he was being held. Both Jason and I were petrified of falling asleep with him because of all the terrifying videos they made us watch in the hospital, and therefore, all three of us were sleep-deprived. 

When researching sleep solutions, I read about more and more families who touted co-sleeping or a family bed. I'm not convinced I will try co-sleeping if we are ever blessed with Baby Ted #2, but I never even thought about not doing it with Lola. 

All of these pics were taken at our old house.  After moving, we bought new furniture for our main living room and made it a policy not to let Lola on anything, but if I'm ever sitting on that old couch in the "front room," Lola always tries to get up there and snuggle with me.  I have to admit we had some really great naps together while co-sleeping.

Also, none of these were staged. I found them all on Jason's phone the other day.  His favorite is the last one. And technically, we're co-TV watching in the first pic.

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