A Perfect Way to Start the Week

One year during an introductory/get-to-know-you/who-can-share-the-coolest-factoids activity on the first day of school, a student revealed that her parents were friends with Jon Hamm, which is when I stopped the activity and offered her whatever she wanted if she could arrange a meet and greet. This was in the early days of Mad Men. There might have been one and half seasons out, and I'm pretty sure none of the other freshman knew who we were talking about, but I was thoroughly impressed. At lunch with my fellow teachers, when we were engaging in the first day who-has-the-student-with-the-strangest-name/oddest-class-dynamic/already-ran-out-of-desks activity, I was horrified that most of my fellow adults didn't know who Jon Hamm was either, but secretly, I hoped that meant my chances of actually meeting him were higher.  I never got to meet Mr. Hamm, and now, you would have to live under a rock not to know who he is, which is why you have probably already seen this clip. But last week, when this prize of late-night started circulating around the web, I was reminded of my fondness for him...and Imo's

Tall, dark, handsome, bearded, loyal, and funny.  What else could we ask of St. Louis's Favorite Son?

Also, David Freese is fan of Imo's, and I met Phyllis at Pi on the Loop one summer. 

I hope your week is filled with pizza and famous people. Happy Monday!

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