Let Them Eat Bread

Will has only cut two teeth so far, but those two teeth have taken a lot out of the both of us. Basically, those teefers (as I like to call them) are making both of us hate life.  The last two days have been better than the previous six, but we were touch and go for a while there. Will basically wanted to be held ALL THE TIME for the last week (the same week when I was trying to get the house ready for a big Thanksgiving celebration), which is sweet sometimes, especially when he does this thing where he launches his entire body into my arms or lap. But then, as soon as he is in my arms, he pushes against me with all four limbs until I try to put him down when he grabs on for dear life, all while issuing a high and constant whine. Just a tad frustrating for both of us.

He's also had cold symptoms, fever, and a rash over the last month, all presumably from teething. So what is the cure? Traditional medication like acetaminophen and ibuprofen? Homeopathic medicine like teething tablets and amber necklaces? The former only seems to take the edge off a bit and the latter I'm a bit dubious of. (Anyone out there want to vouch for either of those methods?) Our cure so far has been prayer, perspective, and crusty bread. We pray for strength and patience and comfort.  And I realize that I'd much rather be dealing with a whiny William than grading 120 essays.  And if we ever have a really bad day with really short naps, I just pack Will up in the car, where he is usually happy (and sometimes nappy), and head on down to the closest Bread Co. (that's Panera to you non-St. Louisans) to pick up a french loaf.  When we get home, he'll teeth on a hunk of that crusty bread long enough for me to get dinner ready, and if it was a really bad day or Jason isn't going to make it home for dinner, I will have a piece of bread with butter (and a beer) for dinner and a piece of bread with butter and honey for dessert. I figure if we can make it to dinner, we can make it another day. 

Also, I suspect those two new bottom teeth are responsible for his new top-lip grin. Kinda cute, right? I guess I'll keep him.

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