Looking Forward

There are days in the winter (I know it's not technically winter, but it's only going to be seven degrees tonight... so...) when I just CANNOT get warm no matter what. Jason worries that there is something wrong with me because of course, he is just lounging in shorts, warm and comfy, while I am wearing three layers and a blanket, shivering. Over the last few winters, in order to try to make me more comfortable (and save on heating), he has bought me a heated blanket and Hot Booties, but what I've found works best is flannel. After nights and nights of warming my icy feet on Jason's leg for minutes and minutes before finally getting back out of bed (Is there anything worse than having to get out of bed when you are already cold?) to put socks on, I finally remembered to put our flannel sheets on the bed, and oh my is it cozy and warm again. I know many people dread the cold dark season of winter, but there really is so much to which to look forward. Now that I am warm enough to keep my fingers outside of the covers, I'd like to share all that I am looking forward to...

Seeing: which toys William really gets into playing with after Christmas morning. The kid has been equally amused by his music table and a kitchen spoon.

Hearing: first words.

Tasting: tacino, lumpia, siapao, and adobo.  Over the year's, Jason's mom has trained me up to want and cook Filipino food at Christmas.  Last year, we made it for Christmas Eve, and this year we are planning to do the same. 

Feeling: warm inside when it's icy outside.

Smelling: our little family's first live Christmas tree. We're going to pick one out the weekend right before Christmas.

Drinking: Tall Caramel Brulee lattes with one and half pumps (that's half the normal amount) of syrup. Forget Pumpkin Spice. These are where it's at.

Wearing: flannel shirts under grandpa sweaters and puffy vests, basically my day to day momiform.

Reading: The Dinner, The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, and The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic. Copies of all three have not only been recommended but also given to me over the last week, and winter is the perfect time to snuggle up and enjoy a good book. If you are looking for a rec, my favorite book of 2013 was Where'd You Go Bernadette. I read it during the summer, but I actually think it'd be a great winter read.

Watching: Elf, The Holiday, The Family Stone, The Grinch, and Love Actually at home and any movie in a movie theater.  Such a luxury these days, but Jason and I are going to make it happen. 

Playing: in our bright new playroom all winter long. Play dates are welcome! 

Making: crocheted baskets.  I have the supplies, but I need my mom to help me get started. I know we'll find the time this winter. 

Also, MOST OF ALL, I'm joyfully expecting the celebration of the birth of Jesus and taking time to let my heart prepare Him room... and heaven and nature sing. 

(This post inspired a bit by Pip. )

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