The Ultimate Nursery Item

The nesting ottoman!  Do you already have one in your house? (My sister Maggie did, and I must disclose that like all good ideas, using a nesting ottoman in the nursery came from her. Although, I am pretty sure that I was the one who originally made Maggie buy hers, so... maybe it was my idea all along?) When I was looking for a side table for the nursery, I couldn't find anything that I really loved the look of, so I just decided to go with something practical. Maggie had already moved her nesting ottoman into her nursery and it was doing the trick, so I decided to stop searching and just go out and buy a nesting ottoman of my own.

And I'm so glad I did! In eight months, we have used it every single day for: 1. Storage 2. a Side Table 3. Seating 4. an Activity Cube and 5. a Walker/Climber/Cruiser.  Is there any other nursrey item that you can think of that is so multi-faceted?

When I first came home from the hospital, Maggie had stocked my ottoman with fruit roll-ups and granola bars and Twizzlers (Oh my!), and from day one, I kept my Lanolin, little nursing notebook, pen, and water on the tray for quick and easy access. Now, we keep clean-up supplies inside and use the tray to keep Will's favorite books at the ready. After Christmas, we will probably use it to store and rotate toys.

The extra little ottoman is the only extra seating (besides the floor) in our nursery, and once we started our bedtime routine, it became my place to sit and pray and sing while Jason gives Will his bottle (and sits and prays and sings). So I got A LOT of daily use out of this item for the last eight months, but now that Will is moving and cruising (which is a technical baby term, by the way), every member of the family uses this item every day.

Will uses the different levels of the ottomans to pull himself up and cruise from ottoman to ottoman, ottoman to crib, and ottoman to recliner.  Sometimes, he pushes the small ottoman around, using it kind of like a walker. I can set temping items on top and (wallah!) instant activity cube. (We bought Will this activity cube for Christmas, and I am going to laugh if he likes the make-shift ottoman one better.)

Also, the soft padded edges mean that a fall elicits no more than a surprised look. And if it survives until a time when we no longer need it in the nursery, our nesting ottoman is neutral enough that we can use it in many other rooms of our house for years to come.

Can it get more ultimate than that? Well, maybe if it helped put Will to sleep.

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