A Peak into My Back Yard

Although the last two days have been overcast and rainy, I can't help but smile when I look out the windows.  Our house backs up to the woods, and nature has been putting on a show for us.  The leaves seem especially bright this year, so bright that it inspired me to do some research. Apparently, those oranges and yellows are always there, but they are covered up by all the green created by chlorophyll during the long sunny summer days. How's that for a ruby slipper metaphor? They were always there!

Both Will and I have been fighting a cold these last few days, so we haven't gotten out for our usual walk even though it's been right around 60 degrees and dry in the afternoon. Instead, we have just been taking a stroll through our back yard, enjoying the crunch underfoot and the leaves wafting around us before heading back inside for a tissue. 

Last weekend, we drove into Missouri to celebrate a dear friend's baby, and the views of all the trees on the cliffs were breathtaking. It'd be worth it to just go for a drive.

Also, Natalie's post on the amazing colors in Central Park makes me want to head on over to check out Forest Park... maybe tomorrow when the sun comes out. 

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