A Perfect Way to Start the Week

We (Jason, really, because I refuse to talk to Charter) canceled our premium channels yesterday. A first step to canceling cable? Probably not. Although, between Netflix and TED Talks, I think I would be able to make it. Do you know about TED Talks?  TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and from what I can gather, the talk part means an expert in something speaks about their expertise in a way that both entertains and enlightens us non-experts... with a projection screen for help.

I find them endlessly entertaining and educational.  The talks cover a multitude of topics, so you are sure to find more than a few that interest you. I'm such a fan that I downloaded the TED app on my iPad and iPhone when Will was first born and I was what-felt-like constantly nursing. My goal was to watch one TED Talk a day during a nursing session in order to try to combat the feeling of mindlessness that comes with almost no sleep and days full of baby talking and shooshing.

Below is one that I clicked on recently because, hey, I like books, and by the end I had not only laughed out loud no less than three times but had also found a lesson to share with my students when I teach visual aids (I teach rhetoric when I am not a stay-at-home mom.) and learned a tiny bit about typography and design. Not bad for something that is basically free--minus the device and WiFi that allows you to watch.

I think I am going to renew my goal to watch at least one a day. If you are interested in doing the same but don't know where to start, NPR culls through the best TED Talks and collects a few on a certain topic every week. You can check out their recommendations here. Just be sure to go to the original talk for the whole shebang.

Today, I plan on listening to Mike Rowe's "Learning from Dirty Jobs." As a mom, I think I will be able to relate.

I hope your week is endlessly entertaining and educational (and maybe just a little bit dirty)! Happy Monday!

Also, speaking of book cover design, have you seen this TUMBLR by Tyler Adam Smith?  He creates covers and titles for books that should be written as part of his 100 Day Project in the Masters of Branding at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I'm not gonna lie--I didn't get some of them, but the ones I did get either made me laugh out loud or internally shout true dat. Below are some of the ones I did get with my genuine reactions.
I'd read it... and recommend it for the Summer Reading Program.

Reminded me of the 13 best infographs of 2013, also by Wired.

Would have helped in undergrad...

Sounds amazing! But even if it isn't, I will read pretty much anything he writes as evidenced by Chipmunk Seeks Squirrel.

I need it!  Wait, do I want Will to be more clever (cleverer?) than me? 
(I feel as conflicted in wanting this book to exist as in wanting Will to be able to crawl/walk/talk.)

The subtitle says it all.  Now, that I don't have HBO, Alex will have to tell me how it ends.

True dat.

Yes, please.

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