Let's Talk Baby Play Gyms

When registering for a play gym, I tried to do my research, but they pretty much all looked the same and had similar reviews, so I decided to go with the Bright Starts Spots & Stripes Safari Gym because of the black and white and primary colors. When Will was less than two weeks old, we busted it out, and he and Piper had their first play date. After that, we used it almost daily for the next five months.
But after visiting Maggie and Piper one day when Will was just over a month and putting him down on Piper's Fisher-Price Discover 'n Grow Kick & Play Piano Gym (see pic below of the exact moment), I knew Will had to have it too.

The boy has barely stopped moving--mostly kicking and batting at first, now jumping and scooting and rolling and pounding--since the day he was born, so I felt I could justify the need for two play gyms. But if you are looking for just one, see below for the positives of each.

Bright Starts Spots & Stripes Safari Gym

Positives-THE TOYS.  We no longer use the gym, but we do still use some of the toys. Compared to the Piano Gym, the toys that the Safari Gym come with are outstanding and diverse. When he was between one and eight weeks, Will loved to bat at the little black and white tiger with the bell in his belly. Will still plays with the big black and white tiger (in the middle). He has a belly that lights up and plays music. You can set it so that it only plays when your baby moves it, so it introduces them to cause and effect. Will loves the tag on the big giraffe. (We call him Jerry.), which can be used for tummy time, but we never did because it was awkwardly shaped... and Will hated tummy time. 

Fisher-Price Discover 'n Grow Kick & Play Piano Gym

Positives-When Will was smaller, the height of this gym's arch seemed much more appropriate.  As you can see in the picture, the mirror was in a perfect position for him to gaze at himself. Also, my boy loves to kick.  I could set the piano to only play when he kicked it, and he would kick and bat at the toys and stare at his reflection for long periods of time.  Will is seven months now, and whenever I set him down in front of the piano, he still loves pounding it.


We really did get a lot of use out of both of these, so I think both are a good purchase.  However, if I were going to buy only one, I would buy the Fisher-Price Piano Gym. As a gym, it was the most useful. He could still bat at the toys, look in the mirror, and learn cause and effect, but we also got a kicking toy that converted to a sitting toy.  And you could probably buy similar toys from the Bright Starts Safari Gym for less money.

Also, the Fisher-Price Gym has made Will into a mini-Mozart. Just check out that concentration!

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