A Perfect Way to Start the Week

Rose-Colored Wayfarers.  That's what we are choosing to see the world through at the Tedesco house this fine morning as it is Monday and still the weekend.

I listened to Episode 504 of This American Life while cleaning the house the other day and was reminded of the idea that the way we view the world (and our lives in it) is a choice that can become a part of who we are, how we live, and the affect we have on others. Emir, the man that the second story is about, reminded me of my dad in the way he tells stories and the way he sees the world. 

People often ask me or my mom or my siblings about my dad. "Is he always that happy... all the time"?  And the truthful answer is no, but he is happy most of the time, and he is quite wonderful to be around because happiness, like love, has the quality of growing and spreading exponentially.  

Happy Monday! I hope that even if your week is not short, you choose to view it as rosy.

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