A Perfect Way to Open the Season

Go Crazy, Folks! Go Crazy! Happy Opening Day! Will you be watching some baseball today?

I think I might have watched about 1000 hours of my brother's baseball games as a child, which kind of burnt me out on baseball game watching (except during the playoffs, of course), but Jason and I are hoping to get to at least one game at the stadium this season. (My favorite place to sit is the bleachers.) But other than that, I will support the Cardinals through my fashion choices and keep updated through family, Facebook, and SportsCenter. 

Instead of watching baseball, I am going to use today as my own personal restart switch. What better day than today, not only opening day of America's favorite past time but also the first Monday of my 29th year and the (almost) beginning of a new month? I didn't make much progress in March with my health and fitness goals, but I am ready to recommit today and already have. No more party planning or cupcakes to use as excuses! Do you have anything you want to restart? Thirty teams are getting to start a new season today. You can too!
Also, while trying to take a picture of William and me together in our Cardinals shirts, I captured this gem that shows where William gets his ears.

Happy Monday! I hope your week is filled with many good reasons to Go Crazy!

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