A Perfect Way to Start the Week

A perfect way to start the week is with an extra day off for the husband so that he can make things like mango habenero salsa and all the other fixings for fish tacos from scratch. Too bad we finished all the fish tacos yesterday!  The good news is he also made red pepper habenero hummus.  He had some fun with the Vitamix, and I will be having some fun dipping my veggies all week long.

Also, Jason bought fresh Swai for the fish part of our fish tacos. Have you every heard of it? I must say that is the best fish I have ever tasted, buttery and sweet. (He marinated it in fresh garlic, lime, and cilantro and cooked it on a grill pan.) We eat some type of seafood pretty much every other day, and after doing a little research (It's cheap and good for you!), I've decided to make swai a regular part of our menu. Bonus: Will ate it right up too. 

Happy Mon...err Tuesday! I hope your week is fresh and yummy!

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