On New Year's Eve, with a house full of loved ones enjoying food and drink, while my mom and I were getting ready to give William a bath, put him to bed, and then enjoy some more food, drink, and games before celebrating the New Year with the East coast at 11:00 pm and then going to bed (because that's how we roll now), I realized that we were out of propane.  I realized we were out of propane when I placed my naked baby in a bath of cold water. (Parent of the Year!) For you city folk out there, no propane means, no heat, no hot water, no oven or stove, and no dryer. So instead of food, drink, games, and an early celebration, Jason got on the phone with the propane company, and I started packing up supplies so that we could all go sleep at my parent's house. Oh! And I had to kick all of my loved ones out. I was beyond frustrated, but you know what, our tank was completely filled that night. (I don't even want to know what an entire tank of propane plus the emergency fill fee costs. Jason, please don't tell me.) And on Sunday, just five days later, when twelve inches of snow and Arctic weather came, and no propane truck would have been able to make it to us and we probably wouldn't have been able to make it the two miles to my parent's house, we had a full tank of propane and no worries that we would run out. Perfect timing!

Also, I plan on recreating the New Year's Eve baby sleep over celebration extravaganza (Maggie, Alex, and Piper had planned to spend the night but, as you now know, were sent home.) with food, drink, and games. So really, it's a win win. Maybe a Golden Globes baby sleep over celebration extravaganza or a Super Bowl baby sleep over celebration extravaganza or a Friday night where everyone just happens to be off and free baby sleep over extravaganza? Whatever night we decide on, I'll make sure Jason checks the propane the day before.

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