My New Go-To Meal

Two words. Stir Fry.

The recipe is simple. I take whatever veggies are in my fridge (which is a lot these days), chop them up, add a protein, a little bit of sauce, and I have myself a seriously healthy and filling meal...with no carbs...for the next three days. Last night, I took all the leftover veggies from Jason's soiree with the Vitamix plus the veggies I specifically bought for stir fry this week and ended up with the spectacular (and low calorie) meal you see above.

Specifically, this mix included red, yellow, and green peppers, mushrooms, red cabbage, broccoli slaw (Thanks for that tip, Mom!), and matchstick carrots. I like to start with about two teaspoons of sesame oil and add some low sodium soy sauce while I'm frying up my veggies.  At the very end, I added in some raw shrimp and teriyaki sauce and got the amazing dinner you see above. (If you use chicken or beef, you can cook it first and remove it from the wok, cook the veggies, and then add the meat back in with the sauce.)

Also, Will eats just about anything that has been stir-fried. Last week, it was chicken, broccoli, snap peas, and those little corn thingies, and this week, it was shrimp and all of that goodness above. Don't worry. I also give him a good dose of carbs.

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