Christmas Card Regret

2013 was the first year I have ever sent out a Christmas card.  I've always loved getting them from people--the good ole-fashioned regular card, the picture cards, and my most favorites, the ones that include a letter that shares all the goings on in each family. My most most favorite one of all time was the one my Great Aunt Geraldine sent us in 2012 with an epic story about their transgender cat. Just try to beat that!

Anyway, I was really proud of the card I sent out this year. I found what I felt was a professional quality picture of William being his cutest self on my iPhone, uploaded it to Minted, got the cards within a week, and sent them out way before Christmas. Christmas card victory! Right? No. My mother-in-law set me straight, as mothers-in-law are wont to do.  She told me that she thought the picture of Will was cute and all but wanted to know why didn't I include a picture of all three (or four because of course we count Lola) of us. And the truth is, I wanted my card to be beautiful, and I didn't really have any pictures of the four of us that I thought would make a beautiful card. But I love my mother-in-law, and I wanted to make her happy, so on Christmas Eve, I picked out three fancy outfits for Jason, William, and me, and after church, we posed in front of the tree for a family Christmas picture that I could print out for my mother-in-law. But then... I decided that instead of ever printing that picture out, I would never show that picture to anyone because uggh I was just not happy with my appearance. And that is when I realized that I needed to make some changes. I could just get over my body consciousness and embrace my appearance just the way I am, but truthfully, I have not lost all the baby weight and am technically overweight and really not living a healthy lifestyle.

So. Prepare yourself. It might be cliche, but I have made the same weight loss resolution that many people make at this time of year. And, I am going to rock it... and I am going to write about it...which is why you see that family photo up there that I had previously decided to never show anyone. That's my before pic. Here's to a rocking after!

Also, we did not steal or adopt William. He looks like my dad. (I'll make sure to put that on the Christmas card with all four of us so that no one is confused.)

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