A Perfect Way to Start the Week

When I was nine and half months pregnant, my mom and I went to Taylor Swift's Red concert.  We wore basically the exact same outfit without even consulting each other as you can see above, and Taylor's back-up dancers carried her right by me, which you can also see from my awesome photography. If you know me well at all, you know that I almost never listen to music (NPR!) and can count the number of concerts I've been to on one hand, but the opportunity to see Miss Swift presented itself, and my mom and I had a great time.

While pregnant, if the fact that I didn't listen to music ever came up, people would always voice their concern about my baby growing up without music in his life, but there really is no need to worry because if you have spent any large amount of time with me, you also know that I am almost always humming or singing my heart out. One result of almost never listening to music is that I don't remember the words to most songs correctly (as I've mentioned before). So, on a daily basis Will gets to hear the slightly skewed versions of the following songs that have been played on television or in stores enough for me to have learned them:

I sing, "You gotta put your hands up, you're feeling all right. You're gonna eat your food...hurray! Nodding your head like, yeah. Kicking your feet like, yeah," every time I put Will in his high chair. (my version of Miley's Party in the USA)

And, "It's a beautiful day. We're looking for something fun to do.  Hey, William. I think I want to carry you," every time I pick him up. (my version of Bruno Mars' Marry You)

And, "I don't know 'bout you, but I think you smell like poo. Everything will be alright if we just go change you like we're Will and Mo-ah-ah-om...Will and Mo-ah-ah-om," when... well, when he smells like poo. (my version of Taylor Swift's 22)

And whenever we just feel like dancing, I sing, "Oh, I want to dance with my baby.  I wanna feel the beat with my baby. Oh, I want to dance with my baby. With my baby who loves me... my baby whooo... my baby whooo... my baby whooo." (my version of Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance with Somebody)

When Will grows up and becomes the next Weird Al (A mother can dream, right?), you will all know where he got it from.  Below are some fun alternative versions to songs that have significance for one reason or another in my life. Enjoy!

As an English teacher, I especially appreciate this one.

My dad coined the term evil-Bay at least ten years ago. Weird Al agrees.

This one is making fun of people who stay in on Friday nights, but I really think that most of what he does sounds like a wonderful Friday night...

I dedicate this one to my brother-in-law, Alex, who actually read all the Game of Thrones books and acts as my reference guide, answering all my Sunday night texts when the season is on.

That's it!

I hope your week is filled with many reasons to sing! Happy Monday!

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