A Perfect Way to Start Your Week

You know that thing (or person or idea) that is standing (or hanging) in your way?  That obstacle that you just can't get past to get to the thing you want no matter how hard you try?  Well, what if you shifted your perspective? Would you be able to see a way past it?

We've all heard that we should focus on the positives instead of the negatives. Try a different route. (Like the left or right or even underneath, Lola.) Challenge ourselves to try something new... even if that new thing seems hard or scary (like a crazy thing hanging in the doorway). And these phrases might sound cliche, but I know that when I do focus on the positives or try a different route or challenge myself to do something new or in a new way, I can always ALWAYS get past whatever I feel is holding me back.

I'm not afraid to admit that I love my life just the way it is, and I know that my personal relationship with Christ, my amazing family, and my ability to shift my perspective are what make each and every day a great one.  

But I know that I had to learn how to shift my perspective; it takes practice. 

Below are some images to get you started on this fine Monday morning. (The first one is my favorite.)

 via Pinterest via Reddit 

Happy Monday!  I hope your week is full of positive new perspectives!

Also, I found all the images a while back on Pinterest and have used them every semester to discuss different perspectives with my literature students.  You might have seen the classic old woman/young woman or vase/face illusions too.  Those are also fun.

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