Embracing a Trend

I will admit that I had still been wearing sandals out and about up until last week.  We've just had such warm weather, and sandals are so easy.  But over the weekend, I embraced boots.  Ankle boots to be exact. I had been seeing them on beautiful ladies all around the web (here, here, here, and here) and at Target (on sale for $29.99 this past weekend!), so I took the plunge and purchased two pairs to try out this year before I decide if I need to make a big investment. (Luckily, my birthday is in the Spring, right in time for the investment pairs to be going on sale.) Below are the two pairs I purchased to try out (as well as at third I considered) along with their more expensive doppelgangers. 

Top // Middle //  Bottom               Top // Middle // Bottom

Have you embraced this trend yet?  So far, I'm loving it! I've been wearing my boots with my skinny jeans rolled twice so that a bit of skin shows between the top of the boot and the bottom of my jeans, but I ordered some new ankle length and short length jeans from American Eagle (with a gift card I "borrowed" from Jason) to see if I can wear the boots without having to roll my jeans.  If the jeans I ordered aren't short enough, I think I am going to try Sydney's tip.

Also, I tried wearing my ankle boots with those no-show ankle socks, but you could still see the sock. Then, I tried wearing them without socks, but that just felt weird. So I invested in some of these, and that did the trick.

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