Naming Your Favorites

I feel like if a person is in your "favorites" list on your phone, then they should probably have a special name...and a fun pic. I don't have the energy to assign pictures to all my contacts, but there are really only three people who call me consistently, and I have all the energy in the world for them.  My sister, who goes by Maggie to most people, is Marge in my phone because that's who she is to me.  (If I ever need to look her up on Facebook, which I often do for some reason, I am always perplexed when I type in m-a-r into the search box and she doesn't come up. If it were up to me, she would go by Marge on Facebook too, but alas.) My mom is Marm because she's my marm. When Will gets a phone, he will probably be Mister.

So that was a lot of rambling, but my dilemma is about Jason, who has been "Lover" in my phone for as long as I can remember. It's a name that worked when we were dating, engaged, and married, but the other day, Jason called while I was holding Will, so I put him on speaker so that we could all talk. Will mostly just squeaked. That was when I decided that I needed to change Jason's name in my phone. I call Jason Papa (pop-a) when I am talking about him to Will, so that's what I changed it to.

But the last few days, when Jason calls or texts me, I always wonder who and why "Papa" is calling or texting for a moment before I realize it's Jason. (I'm not gonna lie; it's kind of exciting for the moment that I think I am getting calls and texts from someone besides Jason, my mom, or Maggie.) So... I changed him back to Lover.  Uggh... but I am wondering if I should just stick with Papa for a little bit longer to see if it works, but he's not my papa... Do you see my dilemma?

Also, when I am driving Jason's car, it's really fun to tell the car to call, "Lover," but I guess it might be fun to tell the car to call "Papa" too... Uggh... the dilemma continues...

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