A Perfect Way to Start the Week

I'm notoriously susceptible to a good commercial. If I didn't already use Swiffer products, these commercials might get me to buy them. And almost all commercials during the Olympics make me cry. (Apparently, Proctor and Gamble gets me.)  But sometimes I succumb to commercials for things that really aren't that good. (I guess I don't eat enough while watching TV.) Taco Bell commercials and movie trailers are the most formidable. And because I'm the official keeper of our Netflix account, I often have to apologize to Jason after we watch a movie that I picked.

Below are four movie trailers that I only saw after viewing the movie.  Each movie is streaming instantly on Netflix right now.

Some algorithm must have just suggested them to me.  Did they even come out in theaters?  I don't know, but I do know that they were all unexpectedly delightful. So, the lesson for this week is to trust math not advertisements... unless the math is doing the advertising.  Then, I'm not sure.  But I am sure that you should check out these movies this week for some unexpected (but now, I guess you're expecting it... either way) delight.

Safety Not Guaranteed

The Giant Mechanical Man


First Position 

I hope your week is unexpectedly delightful!

Also, speaking of advertisers, I have officially been blogging for over a month now and decided to add advertisers on the right side (if you hadn't noticed).  I'm not sure how it all works exactly, but I think that if you click on the links there is a possibility that I could earn some money... like a penny or two... maybe enough to keep us in bad movies each month. So click or don't click but consider yourself as much in the know as I am at this point.

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