The Things I Call My Baby

At the beginning of Will's sixth month appointment, the medical assistant asked a series of developmental questions to which I was enthusiastically replying yes (Sitting up? Yes.  Squealing and squeaking? Yes! Rolling over both ways? Yes.), and then she said, "And he's responding to his name?" I just looked at her for a moment before mumbling, "Not really."  But I wanted to add that he would probably reply to any of the following:



Booshie/Booshie Boy/Boozjer

Mister Monkey Man

Moosehead/Moosehead McGillicuddy

Cotton-Headed Ninnymuggins (a term of endearment--not an elfin slight--because he has the fluffiest cottony hair on top of his head... lately, we have shortened it to Ninnymuggins)

Pounder/Paul Poundcake (after Paula Poundstone not because he is witty--yet--but because he pounds a lot)


Snot-Nosed Mouthbreather only when it is literally true (because it's kind of funny to say in a loving way as in my SweetSweet Snot-Nosed Mouthbreather)

See below for Will's reactions when I call him a snot-nosed mouthbreather...

...actually, I think he was just yawning here, which reminds me we also call him Yanni.

Also, I am happy to report that after intensive training, he now also responds to Will and William and WillWill.  

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