A Tisket A Tasket...

...I put my baby in a basket... with his cousin Piper... and they loved it!

These are from last Sunday, which you might have guessed from Piper's Rams onesie.  What could be better than two baby cousins in a basket?  We're going to try for three here soon!  We're excited to meet Will's first Tedesco cousin, baby Mia, whenever she chooses to arrive.  Having one cousin so close in age (11 weeks apart) has been so much fun. I really can't wait to see how he interacts with both of his lady cousins as they all get older.

Because we lived in different states and for a few years in different countries, I didn't get to see my cousins more than a few times a year.  I've always wondered if a close cousin was more like a sibling or a close friend or both. Can anyone clear that up for me?

Also, you're welcome for the free mini-playpen idea.  Like all good baby ideas, it came from Marge. Please do not leave your baby unattended in a basket...or a diaper box...which serves the same purpose as a basket.

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