A Perfect Way to Start the Week

He was upset because I wouldn't let him eat dog food. In fact, I had just taken one of Lola's kibbles out of his mouth, but within seconds he was happy because he got to see that cute baby in the phone again. This moment reminded me of the website Reasons My Son is Crying. Have you seen it? It's good for a laugh, especially if you are a parent that has just turned your back for a few seconds to wash your hands after feeding the dog only to turn back around and find your only son eating dog food.

Happy Monday and Happy President's Day! We are enjoying an extra day home with Jason today. I hope any moments of distress this week are quickly rectified...maybe by a cute baby in your phone.

Also, Humans of New York is another great site that I follow on Instagram that usually puts a smile on my face. The pictures of the people are sometimes interesting, but the short interviews of each person are almost always compelling. 

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