This is the Week

Even though there is has been snow on the ground for what seems like the last four months, and it is still there at this very moment, this week is the week that it is all going to disappear. The creeks and lakes are going to thaw too, and we are no longer going to get to scout the fresh evidence of woodland creatures when we look out the window each morning. Instead of bright white, we'll see many shades of brown, but it won't be for too long.  And with this change, I'm betting that this week is also the week that we are going to get outside for a walk more days than not and I am going to get to stop lugging our space heater around and my hands will stop cracking open. It's just a feeling I have that the weather app on my phone seems to corroborate.  

Also, we got a momentary glimpse of it last week...and then we got another dose of snow...and then some ice. But I'm hoping my instincts (and the weather app) are right, at least for Lola's sake.

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