An Anguishing Way to Start the Week

What's a baby to do? Cry, apparently. What's a mama to do? Take advantage of the photo op, unhook the pacifier, tell him, "you're fine," see if he settles down, then console. I've said before, and I'll say it again. Parent of the Year! Let me know if you have any other parenting quandaries that need solving.

In the meantime, while we're on the subject of anguish, maybe you can explain to me why this song was used for this commercial...and for that matter is even popular at all. I may be sleep deprived from caring for a sick and teething ten-month-old, but I'm pretty sure that the commercial is about best (animal) buds who will go to the greatest lengths to be together and the song is about a vitriolic person singing about some other person who is incapable of loving and has really bad timing. Again, I am spending a majority of my time taking pictures of and caring for my sick and teething baby, so maybe I missed the point or some one out there has already covered this topic. If so, please let me know so I can stop bothering Jason about it.

Happy Monday! I hope you only need the light when your batteries are full, only miss the sun when the weekly forecast calls for mostly sunny skies, only know your lover when you first see him or her like that puppy and horse in the commercial...

Also, I hope you only have a baby whose teeth magically appear without cold/flu-like symptoms and sleeps through the night every night.

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