Bath Games (for the 'rents)

In the true Miller (that's my maiden name and the mythical source of my competitive nature) spirit, I found a way to make bath time into a competition. I came up with the first game one night, not long after we got these bath letters. Basically, Jason or I picked a letter and a specific thing and went back and forth naming those specific things that started with that letter until bath time ended or someone was stumped. I figured it would be a good way to get in our 30,000 words a day with Will and a chance for me to kick Jason's butt with my knowledge. But I was ridiculously bad at the game, not just in that I couldn't come up with as many things as Jason but in that the things I came up with were kind of lame. For example, one night we played things that are red that start with S. I said things like Skittles and Starburst while Jason named things like stop signs and wagons and cardinals. After a few weeks of losing, this game lost it's luster, but just in time, I came up with a new game. A friend of mine had recommended Do Cows Meow? when I asked about her daughter's favorite books, and when I saw it sitting proudly displayed at the bookstore, I picked it up. You can see the premise of the book on the back cover below. 
My idea for a new bath game was based on this, but centered on Will. One person makes up the first two lines and the other person has to come up with the rhyme. For example...

Is William fast?
Is William sneaky?
All I know is that William is...

Or, my best one so far...

Does William have a gun?
Does William have a bullet?
All I know is that William has a...

I pleased to report that I am also ridiculously bad at this game, but now it's funny. Last night, Jason said, "Is William tall? Are his finger nails long? All I know is that..." And I thought for a couple seconds, and said, "William has a dong." Jason looked at me with an exasperated expression and said, "Strong. William is strong." Which is true, but so is my rhyme.

Also, we have been experimenting with no baby bathtub at bath time. We have a strict no standing rule, but even on his bum, William was slipping all around without his baby bathtub. I ordered this safety mat, but in the meantime, we went back to the baby bathtub inside the big bathtub.  Is that what all you other parents are doing?  Is there some other product I don't know about to keep kids safe in the bathtub? 

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