Word of the Day: Icicle

I've been campaigning hard for Will to say his first word, repeating car and book and block and Lola and Mama and Papa to no avail. Yesterday, with some inspiration from our wonderful winter weather, I decided to make icicle the word of the day. There are some pretty impressive specimens that we have been observing from the breakfast nook, and I knew there had to be some more around the house. I briefly thought about bundling us up to go for a short walk around the yard, but then I checked the temperature on my phone (15 degrees) and decided just to peer through each window on the main floor to see what gems might await us. As you can see, we were not disappointed. Icicles on the gutters and icicles on the shrubs and icicles on the trees and icicles many places that I could not get pictures of without turning into one myself. After about ten minutes, the word icicle had pretty much lost all it's meaning, but I never got tired of looking at them, and Will never got tired of banging on the windows. So...even though he didn't repeat the word, I feel like it was a successful walkabout.

Also, I've been videoing Will completing various feats of strength (a clean and jerk of his block bucket; crawl-sprinting), and I feel like that footage combined with his first word being icicle would make for a great P&G Olympic commercial in about 20 years. Maybe today's word of the day will be halfpipe.

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