We're Sick

The eau de Vicks, green snot, find random tissues in the bed, amoxicillin in the fridge, cancel the play dates type sick. Not the teething sick. And the irony is, a few days after Will started showing symptoms, when I started feeling crappy and realized that we both were legitimately ill, I actually wished that it was teething... because then at least we would have something to show for it at the end. The good news is that Will seems to have made the turn for the better, and I am just a couple days behind him, which is doubly good because we are almost out of tissues.

Also, in an incredibly scary moment, the morning after Will refused to drink anything for about 30 hours, I finally got to experience what a mellow, snugly baby is like when Will was basically in a stupor all morning. I'll take my perpetual motion machine every day if it means I've got a healthy boy... even if I'm running after him in my own stupor of sickness. 

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