A Perfect Way to Start the Week

The first season of Too Cute! is streaming on Netflix right now.  If you are not familiar with this program, each episode starts off with a warning that the show you are about to watch might be "too cute" and viewer discretion is advised. It's a documentary style show that follows puppies and kittens from birth through the first few months of life, and it. is. awesome. It's also the only show that everyone in our family loves to watch. Will, who normally ignores all television (besides Jeopardy!), giggles and squeals at the kittens and puppies, and Lola stands in front of the TV, wagging her tail and issuing low barks. We used to recommend it to everyone as stress-free family television until my dad tried to watch an episode and had to tell my mom to turn it off because in the episode he was watching, the puppies were being taught how to swim, which was, in fact, stressing him out. Spoiler Alert: All the puppies learn how to swim. No one gets hurt, and it's all freaking adorable.  

Happy Monday! I hope your week is just the right amount of cute.

Also, these pictures are all from the day we adopted Lola. She was already three months old, and in those first few years, Jason and I would often talk about what her first three months of life must have been like to try to explain away some of her idiosyncrasies. We often referred to it as her origin story

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