A Perfect Challenge to Start the Week

I have so many great pictures of Will and his Papa and even more great pictures of William and his puppa but not so many great pictures of all of us or even just the two or three of us. One of the reasons for this is that I have never been a huge fan of portrait sessions with professional photographers. Everyone else's always seem to turn out beautiful, but I always end up disappointed in my own (which I know is due to my own issues and not the many talented photographers we have worked with over the years). I find that the pictures of myself that I like the most are the ones that other people take randomly with their phones at different events. So this week, I am going to take on the Embrace the Camera challenge from Ashley to actually get myself in some of the pictures I take. Ashley gave some great tips, and the one I am going to try out today is giving up the camera to someone else with specific directions. Jason kind of has the day off today, so we'll have plenty of opportunities... poor guy.  He doesn't even know what he's in for yet. I'm pretty sure I am going to have to rely on selfies for the rest of the week, but whatever happens, whether I love them or hate them, I promise to post an update at the end of the week with at least one picture from each day. What do you think? Do you have this same issue? Are you up to the challenge?

Also, depending on how this week goes, I'd really love to try out this Family Portrait Challenge too.

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