Happy Day!

Piper and I are partying in our party hats non-stop for the next few days to celebrate all of our family's birthdays! But I just wanted to stop by really quick today to let you know that I have something for you! More giveaways coming up in the next few months! Giveaways for your pups and giveaways for you! How exciting is that?! I feel like I am living this scene from Love Actually...
Except my message is not about drugs; it's about products. Become a blogger and they give you them for free... and they give them to the people who read your blog a.k.a your friends and family. 

Also, on a somewhat related note. I started getting offers to review products and do giveaways when I joined two sites, Top Baby Blogs and Top Mommy Blogs. If you are ever here and have a free second (and think I'm the tops!), I'd appreciate it if you would click on the Top Baby Blogs and Top Mommy Blogs buttons over on the right under my blog archive. You can click/vote once per day from each device, and it doesn't require you to input any information. It also doesn't actually enter you to win anything, but I'd really appreciate it... and it is my birthday... so you can count your vote today as your present to me if you didn't get me anything. That's my gift to you. 

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