Another Day, Another Chambray

Under a cardigan, vest, scarf, or all three. With a sparkly necklace and heels, a sweater and boots, or just some mom shoes (and pants, of course). At parties, at church, definitely at Target. If you have encountered me in person this past fall or winter, you have seen me in a chambray. They are my momiform. Impervious to stains, pockets for the essentials (chapstick and cell phone), and the perfect weight for a wide range of weather, you can bet I'll be wearing them through this ditzy spring. Combine the fact that they are so easy to wear with the fact that they are everywhere and go on huge sale, and it's a wonder I only own four. Old Navy has this floral print one for ten bucks right now. Get it so we can be chambray buddies... kind of like bosom buddies... okay?

Also, I attempted to take pictures of myself wearing my chambrays in every which way that I do so I could share them with you, and it was really funny and bad. So if you need some inspiration for how to wear yours, come visit me in person, or even better, just check Pinterest.

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