I Love Lent!

Happy Lent! We just got home from church, and I am pumped! (Will, on the other hand, fell asleep on the two minute car ride home and had to be roused for the selfie you see above.) I love Lent because Lent is all about Love. Specifically for me, Lent helps me focus on God's love in my life and how I can share his love with others by fasting (giving up and taking up), charity (giving more to others), and prayer (speaking with God).

Are you participating in Lent this year? As a family, we are going to complete the Food for the Poor Lenten Devotional (online version here) each night during our reading time in the hopes of starting a lasting habit. I am giving up my biggest idol, the thing that I know takes up too much time and attention in my life, so as of last night, I deleted the Facebook, Instagram, and Bloglovin' apps from my phone. Instead of scrolling through my phone, I am going to try to memorize the daily verse from the devotional. Any time I think about checking my phone, I am going to get into plank position and read/say the verse five times. Hopefully, I'll have many more Bible verses commited to memory and have rocking abs in 40 days. I am also hoping to expand my Treat Yo Spouse idea into Treat Yo Neighbor by trying to give little treats to people anonymously (ok, somewhat anonymously since now you know), especially if I feel anger or resentment to someone. The only treat I can think of so far is paying for someone else's Starbucks in the drive thru, so I am going to start there and try to brainstorm some others. I'd love to hear if you have any other good ideas of ways to anonymously treat strangers.

Also, I'm always interested in how other people and families celebrate any holiday or season but especially Lent. I loved seeing that one of my favorite bloggers, Jen, is participating in Lent for the first time, and this post about How to Win at Lent particularly interested me. I am going to try a link-up for the first time, so if you are interested in reading about how other people are participating in Lent with their families, check out the blogs below. And again, Happy Lent!

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