When Will crawls really fast, he always puts his head down. For aerodynamics? We aren't sure. Jason thinks Will looks like a bear when he does it and, in our long tradition of appropriate nicknames, started calling him Bear. Our little bear especially loves crawling over and through our kitchen table. For the challenge? Probably. For the abandoned sporks? Definitely!

On Tuesday, when he wasn't exploring the breakfast nook, which can only be done on your hands and knees, Will started taking some serious steps. At the beginning of the day, he was still just toddling from object to object or object to Mama, and by the end of day, he was walking from one end of his room to the other. He worked on it all day long, pulling himself up, getting his balance, and setting his sights. The only thing better than the delight on his face whenever he got going was the pure joy that lit up Jason's entire crouched body when Will walked to him for the first time across the kitchen that evening. And so we began the day with a baby and ended the day with a toddler. Ending one beautiful and terrifying era and beginning another. Ready or not.

Also, the socklessness!

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