Bangs for Days

I've been talking about it for months, but yesterday, after getting some quality pictures for William and me and seeing our matching sweepy bangs, I finally made the appointment. As of tomorrow afternoon, the Air Force brat in me will finally be at peace when the hair creeping into Will's eyes, over Will's ears, and the back of his collar finally gets a trim. For a moment after I made the appointment, I started to doubt myself, but then I remembered that Will already lost all the (reddish-brown!) hair he was born with and has already had many different spectacular hair moments in his short life...
The fuzzy-headed newborn hair that all fell out (above).
The transitional faux hawk (below).
Baby bedhead (above), which I desperately hope to see again.
And the mullet (below), which I'd be fine never seeing again.

So wish us luck. I have no idea how the first haircut will go. If you have any advice for making a baby's haircut safe and easy, I'd love to hear it! Should I give him a sucker during or after or at all? Should he sit on my lap? I know that if all else fails, he can just keep growing his hair out like his grandmas would prefer.

Also, I have pinned back my equally distracting sweepy bangs today. It's amazing what the world looks like without bangs in my face... mostly I just noticed I need to do some eyebrow maintenance.

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